Monday, January 6, 2014

Victoria's Antiques now open at Murdann Station

The VSA is pleased to announce Victoria's Antiques is now open at Murdann Station in Caledon Oxbridge Village!

Victoria's is named for Victoria Shopkeeper (VictoriaShopkeeper Resident), the VSA's financial officer, who will now be managing the VSA's budget with regard to rental payments and other business expenditures of the VSA as we move forward in 2014 with the Visitor Centre and other projects.

Victoria's features one-of-a-kind Victorian & historical items, generously donated by merchants and supporters, with all proceeds benefiting the operating costs of the Victorian Shopkeepers Association's Visitor Centre, which will open next door in February 2014.

Thanks to an amazing donation from a group member, Victoria's currently has a huge selection of Arundel Design men's and women's clothing, all priced at 50L, as well as other clothing and furnishings ranging in price from 1L to 50L.

Stock will replenished every Friday, so please do stop by and see what's new. Notices will be posted here and in the VSA update group.

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